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Crater Map of the Moon

In this video, blue indicates low elevation, and red indicates high elevation on the lunar surface.

Morgan Bettex, MIT News Office

Now, for the first time, a team of researchers from MIT, Brown University and NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center has mapped the entire surface of the moon, producing a catalog of every crater larger than 20 kilometers in diameter — 5,185 craters in all. As the researchers report in a paper published Friday in Science, this comprehensive catalog has allowed them to identify two regions of the lunar surface that are likely the oldest and would therefore be the most promising targets for missions to collect rock samples.

Morgan Bettex, MIT News Office

as a moon martian,

i am very happy to see this interactive tool made for those who don’t have time (or the resources)

to travel to the moon.

this brings space explaatory to humans who haven’t had a chance to leave the stratosphere yet

space travel for all!