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First Microwave Image of the entire Moon

Science Daily

ScienceDaily (Sep. 21, 2010) — The first microwave image of the complete Moon was obtained thanks to the Chinese lunar satellite Chang’E-1. Global brightness temperature maps reveal radiation from the surface and deeper layers of the Moon and its diurnal variation. This will help astronomers to determine the detailed heat flow and, thus, the inner energy of the Moon.

Using the MRM data, Dr. Zheng and his team have constructed global brightness temperature maps of the Moon for different frequencies, and separately for day and night times. The results are particularly revealing. On the 37 GHz daytime map, the maria, which appear dark in visible light, become bright in microwave wavelengths to reflect the higher temperatures (due to stronger absorption in the solar visible spectrum). Geological features like craters and mountains are clearly visible, but the prominent bright areas correlate mainly with the surface abundance of titanium. The correspondent nighttime microwave image is even more striking: The nighttime moon appears dotted by dark (cool) areas that turn out to be associated with hot areas during lunar eclipses. “This enigma will keep the theorists busy for a while!” says, Dr. Zheng

Science Daily


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