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The Sensor Can
















Simple Human

Innovation only makes sense if it’s in sync with your needs. That’s why our new Sensor Can has multi-sense™. It reacts and adapts to your behavior, so it won’t open unexpectedly or close before you’ve finished your task. It’s a cleaner, easier way to manage your trash — very sensible.


The trigger zone is a focused space directly above the lid. It's easy to reach when you want to use the can.




But it's also very precise. The sensor signal doesn't spill out in front of the can where it can be mistakenly triggered when you walk nearby.



Once the lid is open, the trigger zone extends to become more sensitive to activity. That way the can is sure to know if you're still in the area, so the lid won't close before you've finished your task.


Simple Human

I give it 10 years before this becomes the standard in 45% of U.S households

Why? Because humans are lazy and technology improves the way of living.