where in the world is je’sus

Je’sus would like you to know…

“Life is not about feelings, life is about backbone, life is about honesty, life is about treating people with respect, life is about giving back what you get out of it, life is about not caring about what people think, life is about doing what’s best for you, life is about doing what you want to do when you want to do it, life is about taking chances, life is about doing something crazy, life is about dreaming, life is about making yourself happy. Life isn’t about maintaining status quo, life is about opening new doors, life is about CHANGE.

Yeah there has been a lot of situations which made me want to run/turn away and hate the world, but at LEAST I have the COURAGE and CONFIDENCE to stand on my own two feet and  keep moving forward….. step, after step, after step. Why? Because life is happening!!!!!!!!!!!

And if you are letting someone/something keep you from it, it’s a very, very sad day for you.”


It’s important to neve rgive up on yourself. You are your greatest ally. Believe in yourself. Do what inspires you, and NEVER let anyone hold you back. Your ideas are your own and if someone says something negative to you, take it as a compliment. “Misery loves company her nickname Sorrow” Kanye West

Never give up on life.


♥ Je’sus and Mandi