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MidWest Storm

strongest ever recorded

Jeff Masters, Wunderground

Tornadoes, violent thunderstorms, and torrential rains swept through a large portion of the nation’s midsection yesterday, thanks to the strongest storm ever recorded in the Midwest. NOAA’s Storm Prediction Center logged 24 tornado reports and 282 reports of damaging high winds from yesterday’s spectacular storm, and the stormcontinues to produce a wide variety of wild weather, with tornado watches posted for Mississippi, Alabama, and Georgia, a blizzard warning for North Dakota, high wind warnings for most of the upper Midwest, and near-hurricane force winds on Lake Superior.

The mega-storm reached peak intensity late yesterday afternoon over Minnesota, resulting in the lowest barometric pressure readings ever recorded in the continental United States, except for from hurricanes and nor’easters affecting the Atlantic seaboard.

Jeff Masters, Wunderground

And there’s more to come folks. Mother Nature is about to kick  Earth’s ass for all these hydrocarbons humans have released in the atmosphere.