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McDonald’s Owner Tells

Employees to Elect the “Right People”

Mz Lynn, Tekk Buzz

An Ohio McDonald’s sent an upsetting, intimidating letter to employees, suggesting that if they dared to not vote Republican, it could affect their salary and benefits.

The franchisee sent the letter along with paychecks on official McDonald’s stationery, outlining which three specific candidates employees should select if they hope to continue feeding their children.

Think Progress points out that the letter, which goes on to suggest employees vote for three Republican candidates, directly contradicts voter intimidation laws in Ohio, and spoke with a lawyer about the insinuations made by the McDonald’s franchisee:

Owner Paul Siegfried has since apologized for his “error in judgment” and any “offense” he may have caused.

The letter itself is most likely illegal, based on Ohio election law that forbids employers from “calculating or influencing the political action” of their employees, and a lawyer named Allen Schuman is investigating.

The Ohio Law states:

No employer or his agent or a corporation shall print or authorize to be printed upon any pay envelopes any statements intended or calculated to influence the political action of his or its employees; or post or exhibit in the establishment or anywhere in or about the establishment any posters, placards, or hand bills containing any threat, notice, or information that if any particular candidate is elected or defeated work in the establishment will cease in whole or in part, or other threats expressed or implied, intended to influence the political opinions or votes of his or its employees.



Investigations into the alleged act are being conducted:

This election season is getting scarier and scarier.