Gizmodo of the Day

Dating site for ‘uglies’ heralds first engagement


Have you lost hope? Are you sick of slogging away on sites such as and to find the partner of your dreams? Or at least the partner who will put up with your dead lizard collection, your back hair, and your difficult morning breath?

Then perhaps it is time to be honest with yourself. Perhaps it is time to look in the mirror and decide that you should be at the Ugly Bug Ball. Or, more accurately, on it.

The Ugly Bug Ball is a dating site for those who are aesthetically challenged. “We deal in reality”, the site says. So for those who wonder whether a site for the more Shreky (and, who knows, techy) has no chance of success, might I reveal that the Ugly Bug Ball has just announced its first engagement?  Tom Clifford and Janine Walker, two of the Ugly Bug Ball’s members, are the first (but not the last?) to be betrothed.

Via Gizmodo


However, perhaps the most surprising, human, and moving aspect of this site resides in the sort of people who believe they qualify as ugly. It might make some wonder how it is that certain people behold themselves as beautiful.

The Ugly Bug Ball surely represents something more real and, simultaneously, refined. One can only wish Clifford and Walker lasting happiness. For richer, for poorer. In sickness and in health. In the heat of the night and in the cold light of morning.


I think everyone, ugly or pretty, should have the right to feel the feeling of love