just legalize it already

Prop. 203: Provisional ballots leaning toward

AZ marijuana measure

Bob Christie, Arizona Daily Star

Maricopa County will continue counting outstanding provisional ballots through the weekend if necessary despite a state law that generally says all counting must be completed by Friday.

The votes could sway the outcome of a statewide medical marijuana initiative that is failing by a tiny margin of the 1.63 million votes counted since the Nov. 2 general election.

Votes posted late Thursday showed the measure trailing by just 1,457 votes, a pickup of more than 1,500 yes votes for the day. Maricopa County Recorder Helen Purcell told the Associated Press on Friday that provisional ballots counted the previous day were leaning in favor of the measure. Such ballots tend to be from less-conservative voters.

Proposition 203 would allow use of the drug only for serious diseases including cancer.

Bob Christie, Arizona Daily Star

what do we want, legalization

when do we want it, in a reasonable timely manner

haha, rally for sanity love♥

and goooo medical marijuana!