Good.is goes green on the cheap

Kimberly Palmer from Good.is shows humans how to green their homes in unespensive ways, shall we observe?:

1. Use less energy

“Small changes, like closing doors to unused rooms or turning off the air-conditioning during the day, can make a serious dent in utility bills. So can unplugging appliances, turning off lights, and shutting down computers at night. A power strip known as the Smart Strip automatically cuts power to devices that don’t need it when they’re off. It saves the typical family about $15 a year.” I use a power strip that’s connected to the light switch in my room. It saves our apartment about $5 per bill.

2. Change light bulbs

“Substituting compact fluorescent light bulbs for incandescent bulbs will save around $40 per light bulb over its lifetime, which means it pays for itself after six months. New developments means the bulbs offer a glow that’s more similar to natural lighting than they did previously.” Very true, I switched my light bulbs two weeks ago and the lighting was better on my martian eyes.

3. Make your own cleaning supplys

“Even Martha Stewart endorses this technique. A bowl of vinegar or simmering lemon rinds can absorb smells just as well as manufactured air freshener. Scrubs made out of baking soda and water make kitchens sparkle just like chemical-laden cleaners.” I haven’t tried the bowl of vinegar technique bt the scrub does work wonders on messy bathroom sink.

4. Make toilets more efficient

If you don’t want to spring for a new low-flow toilet, then transform your traditional one by dropping a soda bottle filled with sand or water in the tank.” Check

5. Cancel Catalogs

“Cancel catalog subscriptions. Shopping catalogs not only waste paper, but they tempt you to buy things you don’t really need (or want). The Environmental Protection Agency estimates that of the four million tons of junk mail we get each year, we don’t even open half of it. Websites such as  cataloguechoice.org and 41pounds.org make it easy to put an end to all that unnecessary paperwork.” Did this at my new apartment. In this digital age, its’e easier to subscribe to sample sale websites then catalogs (like ideeli).  for better discounts.