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Unemployed at a stand still

Phill Izzo, Wall Street Journal

Unemployment rates were little changed in most states in October, as a recovery in the labor market remained sluggish across the country.

The Labor Department reported that 19 states and Washington DC experienced jobless-rate decreases, while the rate rose in 14 regions and was unchanged in 17.

States hardest-hit by the housing bust, such as Florida and California, continue to struggle with double-digit unemployment rates. Nevada remained the state with the highest unemployment rate in the nation — 14.2% — more than percentage point higher than the 12.8% recorded in second-place Michigan. In all, 13 states had rates above the 9.6% national figure released earlier this month. (See Chart, here)

North and South Dakota continued to have the lowest rates in the country, at 3.7% and 4.4%, respectively.

Amid concerns that the labor market stagnated over the summer, 21 states still have higher or equal unemployment rates this October compared to a year ago.

On the positive side, employment rose in 41 states and Washington DC in October, though the job gains weren’t significant enough to bring down the unemployment rate substantially in most regions.

Phill Izzo, Wall Street Journal

Unemployment is at a stand still and the Bush era tax cuts have been in place for three years after the financial crisis first struck.

When will middle class humans get a break?