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brief summary: day one of wiki release,U.S Diplomacy

by martian_mandi.

Many have taken notice to the new release of wiki leaks: U.S diplomacy. We moon martians condemn the unlawful act of stealing information as we strongly feel that sharing information is the best way of communication. However, information is nonetheless important. And with that, we will provide brief summaries of day one of the release:

    WikiLeaks confirms that Iran and North Korea have for years been sharing weapons technology, CNN. Reports show that the North Korea supplied Iran with nuclear technology.

    WikiLeaks confirms that the region’s Arab governments express even more anxiety than Israel about the Iranian nuclear program, CNN. King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia, who according to another cable repeatedly implored Washington to “cut off the head of the snake” while there was still time. Also, other Middle Eastern countries Egypt, Turkey, Kuwait, Bahrain and Qatar agree that a nuclear Iran is not a safe one. It is interesting to note that these Middle Eastern countries are ruled by Sunni Arabs while Iran is run by Shiite Arabs. Two different religions that have been warring since the dawn of Islam.

    WikiLeaks confirms that during the 2006 Lebanon war, Iran smuggled weapons to Hezbollah in Red Crescent vehicles, including ambulances, CNN. Iran attempted to inflitrate over seas countries by using the red crescent vehicles. “The Red Crescent has been thoroughly penetrated by the Iranian Revolutionary Guards and is regularly used as a tool of Iranian foreign policy.”

    WikiLeaks documents U.S. awareness that at least one cyber-attack on Google was ordered at the highest levels of the Chinese government,CNN. The U.S suspects the Chinese government of hacking into Google and other U.S databases in order to carry out a computer sabotage campaign.

    Bargaining to empty the Guantánamo Bay prison, NYT The United States (beginning in the Bush era of ’05-06) closed Guantanamo Bay by offering packages of goods and services to Middle Eastern ‘allies’ in order to rid the prison of prisoners. The Bush adminstration dwindled the population from 500 to 247 before the Obama adminstration eventually closed the gap (I assume this was done in order for those who had no evidence but was too dangerous to be allowed back into society).

    Suspicions of corruption in the Afghan government, NYT. The DEA of Saudi Arabia discovered that the Vice President of Afghanistan Ahmed Zia Massoud (who is a relative of the Afghan. President) was carrying 52 million dollars on him.

    Arms deliveries to militants: The United States’ struggled to stop Syria from supplying weapons to Hezbollah in Lebanon. Hezbollah had a stockpile of weapons during its 2006 war with Israel. “One week after President Bashar al-Assad promised a top State Department official that he would not send “new” arms to Hezbollah, the United States complained that it had information that Syria was providing increasingly sophisticated weapons to the group.”

    Now here where the plot thickens once more, Today (one day after wiki leaks release) two top Iranian scientists were attacked. One was killed, the other was injured, and both were on Iran’s Atomic Energy Organization. NY Times

    one things for certain, this is definitely a lot information to process