A day in the life of the


by Kristijan Kolak:

“A Day In The Life Of Mister O.” is a narrative about the ocean. The ocean itself is an abstract representation portrayed through a human, who pursues and executes his daily business, just like us. The film exhibits the environmental problems we face today in a society that is increasingly consuming more and more.

Traveling around and seeing people destroy the beach and nature unconsciously makes me wonder if as humans we somehow try to be better than the great force of mother nature. We build up all these enormous things so much, such as the colossal economy, towering stock markets, giant cars, massive oil platforms, huge plastic consumption, vast carbon foot prints, and immense food and water wasting. So all the oversized objects and tools Mister O. is using in the movie are metaphors for our excessive waste in the western civilisation and also our megalomaniac consumption.”

Kristijan Kolak

Hm, giving a face to the Ocean to tell its story may be key in educating humans of the harmful environmental impacts occurring in the ocean