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graze organic promises

green lunch bags.

by Graze Organic:

As parents, we are committed to making the world a better place for our children. And when it comes to feeding our families healthy, good food, we are dedicated to being as environmentally responsible as possible.

We searched everywhere to find options that would provide us with the same convenience of plastic bags without all the waste and environmental consequences. There were simply no alternatives in the market place. None.

So, we made our own “reusable reclosable snack & sandwich bags” out of organic cottons and muslins. After a few uses, we simply threw them in the wash, not in the trash. No waste! Our kids loved them.We decided to make our bags available to everyone… this was the birth of graze™ bags.

We use only 100% certified organic cotton. All the artwork is done with water based inks, each silkscreened by hand. And everything is made locally to keep the carbon footprint light. Sure, we could have made our bags much cheaper with conventional chemical laced cotton and heavy metal dyes. But then that would defeat the purpose, don’t you think?

Graze Organic

LOVE LOVE LOVE, I’m definitely planning on buying some of these for the holidays.

It’s perfect for those who snack, kid, adult, or species.

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