T-Mobile keeps pushing 3G into 4G territory

up to 650Mbps.

by Telecom:

T-Mobile USA and an infrastructure partner are trying to extend the life of the 3G HSPA (High Speed Packet Access) standard by developing standards that could make speeds of over 650Mbps possible. HSPA is the fully realized 3G flavor of GSM, the dominant worldwide mobile standard. T-Mobile and Nokia Siemens Networks had their proposal accepted for study by the 3GPP mobile standards organization.

For many GSM carriers, their data networks evolve from HSPA into LTE (Long Term Evolution), a fourth-generation (4G) networking flavor that Verizon Wireless launched in limited form just a week ago. AT&T plans to start its production network up in 2011. Truly national coverage with LTE may not come until 2013 or 2014 at the scope of either AT&T or Verizon’s current 3G footprints.

T-Mobile acquired 3G spectrum quite late, and not much of it. The firm uses a rare method of splitting uplink and downlink transmissions into two separate frequencies bands (1700 and 2100MHz). Most mobile operators use channels in the same band. Nokia Siemens Networks runs part or all of the networks for 150 mobile providers around the globe, and while the firm will roll out regular old LTE for some, others are in the same position as T-Mobile.


T-Mobile better step it up if it wants to remain competitive (insert joke about oligopoly over telecommunications companies here).

But in all, this is great news for T-Mobile customers in the city (higher quality of service).