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Couple on Game Show Loses

$800,000 for

Answering Question Correctly

by Gawker:

On the Fox game show Million Dollar Money Drop, a couple was asked which product was sold first in stores: Post-It Notes, the Macintosh, or the Walkman. They answered Post-It Notes, which is correct. They were told they were wrong.

Apparently Post-It Notes didn’t go on sale nationally until 1980, but were market tested in four cities starting in 1977. So that means they beat the Walkman, which debuted in 1979. The question was not posed as “sold in stores nationally,” it was simply “sold in stores.” Now, while the couple’s reasoning wasn’t exactly sound while making their decision, they did sorta blunder into the right answer.

Will Fox correct their mistake? Probably not. But, the couple should at least know they were right, so that poor man doesn’t feel guilty for the rest of his life.



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