Humans’ most popular brands

(according to Facebook).

by GOOD.is:












Since its creation in 2004, Facebook has become the world’s most trafficked site. It hit the 500 million member mark in July and may have already passed 600 million.

If you’re like me and have trouble wrapping you head around those numbers, here is some perspective: According to Likeable Media, there are 207 million distinct websites in the world. There are more than twice as many Facebook users as there are actual websites. If you wanted to travel 500 million miles, you would have to circle the Earth 603 times.

It didn’t take long for companies to sign up and join the crowd. Here a look at the 10 most popular businesses on Facebook as of December 14, 2010. The humble Oreo still has a lot of fans.


1st: 30,246,368 fans















2nd. 24,833,005 fans











3rd 18,827,194 fans





















4th. 15,889,721 fans


















5th. 15,033,867 fans


















6th.14,323,207 fans













6th, 14,137,775 fans














7th, 12,403,166 fans














8th, 11,912,699 fans














This just proves that everyone (and company) is going to digital. Strangely enough, I can’t help but think of the Citizens United case when I came across this article. Even though corporations are made of thousands of people behind a desk, they represent one mutual entity. An entity, with yes a lot of money, but also an entity that must conform, in favor, of its consumer. An entity that can fund millions of dollars into a crazy political candidate but also an entity humans can choose if they want to support or not (or in this case Like on Facebook).

If I don’t like a company’s polcies I am sure as hell not going to like them on Facebook (cough cough Goldman Sachs cough cough)


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