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Liberal MEPs want answers over US WikiLeaks subpoena.

by NewScience:

A powerful group of Euro-MPs have demanded “clarification” over the US demand for information from Twitter about WikiLeaks figures such as Julian Assange. The move is just another addition to the already febrile atmosphere surrounding the whistleblowing website.

On Friday, US investigators had a court document approved which called for Twitter to hand over details of WikiLeaks’ account. Assange has said he believes that other firms such as Facebook and Google have already been ordered to hand over information on his organisation.

The subpoena has proved controversial, not least because many believe that the investigators are merely “fishing” for information that might incriminate Assange and his colleagues.

Now the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats in Europe (ALDE) has issued a strongly worded call for the US to explain its actions and has questioned whether the subpoena violates European Union data protection laws.

The ALDE group is the third largest political group in Europe and describes itself as holding the balance of power between the right and left. It is demanding a full debate on the US authorities’ demands during a plenary session in parliament.

In a sign of the political escalation of the US justice department’s move, the Icelandic parliament has now been hauled up the US ambassador to Iceland to provide some answers about the approach.

Dutch internet activist Rop Gonggrijp and US programmer Jacob Appelbaum were also named in the subpoena, as was Bradley Manning, the US serviceman accused of handing WikiLeaks the cables in the first place.


The U.S has gotten itself in a whirlwind by subpoenaing a member of Iceland’s Parliament. It’s illegal and likely to be appeal by her lawyers.

There is also a rumor floating around it he stratosphere that wikileaks followers on twitter will have their record subpoenaed as well.