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Random acts of kindness in Los Angeles.

by GOOD.is:

The TV Host, producer, and author Leon Logothetis is a believer in random acts of kindness. He’s not alone (see: the national foundation and global movement)  Says Logothetis:

There is something magical about receiving help from a stranger, when the magic of two souls come together and time stands still. In those moments, one feels an uncommon sense of connection. People only truly prosper by coming together, and it is in this process that the invisible bonds that keep us tethered to each other blossom. The sweetness of these moments is what really fuels us.

Logothetis brought his own RAK social experiment across the pond and took to the streets of downtown L.A., armed with random acts of kindness in red envelopes and in search of five strangers.

Photo (cc) by Flickr user H Sanchez

1. A free night’s stay

Sometimes one random act of kindness inspires another. Logothetis watches as cafe waiter Art Mendoza regifts his offer to his boss. The disbelieving cafe owner ended up with a gift certificate for a free night’s stay at theMillennium Biltmore Hotel and Logothetis walked away from Pershing Square with a piece of advice from Mendoza: “Always give Leon, always give.”

2. A free meal

Stopping into Clifton’s Cafeteria, Logothetis spoke with the manager who helped him anonymously foot the bill for an older woman out to lunch.  Not waiting for a reaction, he paid the check and left, hoping “this small act put a smile on her face.”

3. A free bill

Journalist Holly Tarn, who was dressed in a green and red elf’s costume, was handing out treats to passersby when Logothetis found her on the street.

“Her simple gesture of giving back touched that sweet spot in my soul.”

After talking it though, Logothetis made an offer and Tarn found her outstanding electric bill paid for.


I feel so bubbly inside after reading this. I think I’ll pass on the kindness too today.

And maybe you will too.