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Night Shadows by artist Michael Neff

by Urban Omnibus

Michael Neff is an artist, photographer and printmaker currently living in Brooklyn. For his ongoing series “The Night Shadow,” Neff outlines the contours of city shadows with chalk and then photographs the resulting drawings. While the original chalk drawings nod to the ephemerality of the shadows themselves, the photographs serve to document those temporary moments, both showcasing and preserving the play of light and shadow in the urban environment. The Night Shadow project includes imagery from cities and towns across the US. Here, Neff shares a selection of his New York City chalk drawings and offers some insight into his motivations and process. -V.S.

Greenwich and Charles Streets | Michael Neff

Behind MoMA, 54th Between 5th and 6th | Michael Neff

Cafe Tables, West 4th Street | Michael Neff

Crosby below Prince | Michael Neff

Crosby below Prince | Michael Neff

"The Ladies' Mile" bike rack designed by David Byrne, 5th Avenue between 57th and 58th Streets | Michael Neff


Shadows are insanely realistic.