Today I learned… about Beauty

Anti-wrinkle cream miracles debunked by scientists.


Are you easily blinded by ‘that science bit’ in beauty ads? Considering we spent £32m on eye-care products in 2008, it’s safe to say that we’re falling for the marketing patter.

But scientists have now spoken out en masse to debunk the claims once and for all. They say that cosmetics companies claiming that collagen creams will smooth out wrinkles and cheat the signs of aging can’t possibly work.

These companies commonly claim that skin absorbs their products when, in fact, collagen molecules are far too big for this to happen. Instead, they sit on the face’s surface until they’re rubbed off or washed away.

Not only are scientists saying these claims are codswallop, they’ve also voted them their biggest pet hate, in a survey by charity Sense About Science.

Wow, what a scam. Humans are better off eating foods rich in antioxidants (like, strawberries, pecans, sweet potato). Antioxidants fight free radicals in the body that harm the skin. Free radicals are caused by stress, chemicals, and sun exposure.

The worst thing is these corporations flood consumers with advertisements that are basically full of lies.

No wonder scientist are laughing