Foreign Policy

What’s going in Egypt.

by martian_mandi

Gathered from reddit and, here’s the latest of what’s going on in Egypt.

Tahrir Square, Cairo, at 11 PM January 26, 2011.


Warning: This video does contain violence. A protester climbs upon a water tank cannon to stop an undercover police officer (dressed in red) from shooting water at protesters. If you pause the video at 0.02 you will see a man who has been trampled by the cannon. There is no word if that man made it safely to the hospital.

“Jack Shenker, the Guardian’s reporter in Cairo, was beaten by police alongside protesters last night. He recorded the experience as they were driven in the dark through the city.” Audio only.

Anonymous, the group known for staging web attacks on PayPal and MasterCard in support of Wikileaks has pledged aid to the Egyptians by setting up proxies and attacking Egyptian government sites with DDOS attacks which deny service to anyone to trying to access the site. (letter)


Stores and private residence have lifted password protected wifi for the public to use. Google is not down and neither is Facebook, but Twitter is. There are proxies being set up right now to help mirror twitter to help communication. Opposition leader Mohamed ElBaradei, the former head International Atomic Energy Administration (IAEA), will be arriving in Egypt on early Thursday to help strengthen the movement, reports Mother Jones: In the past, he’s been cited as one person who could possibly take down Mubarak.

As of now, there is a story developing that Friday after prayer, will be the largest gathering of protesters in Egypt. UPDATE: Voiceleaks confirms March of the Millon Hand in Hand Friday Immediately after morning Prayers.

To read more check out the Voiceleaks, Anonymous Facebook Fan Page, Egypt Protesters Facebook Fan Page, and reddit/worldnews for more information.

Good luck to all humans, Anonymous and martians involved.

And, please spread the word.