China State TV runs Top Gun jet scenes as Chinese air forces.

by Ministry of Tofu:

Xinwen lianbo, or News Broadcast, on China Central Television, comes under fire again for its report of an air force training exercise on January 23. In the newscast, the way a target was hit by the air-to-air missile fired by a J-10 fighter aircraft and exploded looks almost identical to a cinema scene from the Hollywood film Top Gun.

A net user who went by the name “刘毅” (Liu Yi) pointed out that the jet that the J-10 “hit” is an F-5, a US fighter jet. In Top Gun, what the leading actor Tom Cruise pilots an F-14 to bring down is exactly an F-5. Looking at the screenshots juxtaposition, one cannot fail to find that even flame, smoke and the way the splinters fly look the same.

On the left are screenshots of CCTV News; on the right are screenshots of Top Gun.

Ministry of Tofu



The funny thing is, the scenes show “China” blowing up one of their own jets during a training exercise.


Cannot compute human behavior.