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Anti-government protests erupt in Libya.

by Al Jazeera:

Protesters burn down a picture of Dictator Gaddafi in preparation for tomorrow’s protests.

Hundreds of protesters have reportedly torched Libyan police outposts in the eastern city of Beyida, while chanting: “People want the end of the regime.”

Demonstrators gathered in the early hours of Wednesday morning in front of Benghazi’s police headquarters and chanted slogans against the “corrupt rulers of the country”, Al Jazeera’s sources said.

Chants including “No God but Allah, Muammar is the enemy of Allah,” can be heard on videos of demonstrations uploaded to YouTube. Independent confirmation was not possible as Colonel Muammar Gaddafi’s administration keeps tight control over the movements of media personnel.

Police reportedly fired tear gas and violently dispersed protesters, arresting 20. Families of those arrested are planning to gather outside the city’s security directorate to demand their release, our source tells us

Anti-government protesters have also called on citizens to observe Thursday as a “Day of Rage”. They are hoping to emulate recent popular uprisings in Egypt and Tunisia to end Colonel Muammar Gaddafi’s 41-year-old rule.

The rare protests reportedly began after relatives of those killed in a prison massacre about 15 years ago took to streets. They were joined by scores of other supporters.

A group of prominent Libyans and members of human rights organisations have also demanded the resignation of Gaddafi.

They said that the Libyans have the right to express themselves through peaceful demonstrations without any threat of harassment from the regime.

The demands came in a statement signed by 213 personalities from different segments of the Libyan society, including  political activists, lawyers, students, and government officials.

Al Jazeera

All I can do is laugh, democracy is contagious and you cannot silence the will of the people. For more info on the Libya protests, check martian_mandi’s twitter.

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