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Wisconsin protests Gov. Walker’s (R) Workers’ Rights Repeal Bill (video).

by Gawker:

Wisconsin’s new Republican governor, Scott Walker, wants to get his austerity budget rammed through the state’s new Republican legislature, by introducing a proposal to eliminate workers’ collective bargaining rights for wages, pensions, and other benefits while sharply raising their required contributions. And if these employees respond by striking? The proposal allows allows state authorities to fire workers who “participate in an organized action to stop or slow work” or who “are absent for three days without approval of the employer.”

But Walker’s proposal  has been met with some incredible resistance from employees and their unions, college and high school students, members of the Green Bay Packers, and other sympathetic unions.

Nearly 800 Madison East High School students walked out of school Tuesday morning to join a demonstration against Gov. Scott Walker’s budget repair bill at the Capitol.

And about 13,000 total protesters showed up at the Capitol yesterday, indoors and outdoors, and many slept on the rotunda floor overnight.


The sad thing is the people protesting him are the same people who voted for him in the first place. But, public unions should have the right to bargain for workers right. Public sector unions have lower wages the private sector employees but they are secured pension for after putting in their time.