Take zinc to fight a cold, say scientists.

by Telegraph:

Now a review of 15 clinical trials published since 1984 has concluded that taking supplements can reduce the length of a cold and help ward one off in the first place.

The conclusions of the Cochrane Collaboration, an Oxford-based not-for-profit institution that reviews existing studies to spot trends missed by looking at them individually, could lead in time to zinc replacing vitamin C as the cold ‘cure’ of choice.

The latest Cochrane Review found that people who took a zinc syrup solution or lozenge every two hours while they had a cold were twice as likely to have shed it within a week as those who took a placebo. Children who took a zinc tablet once a day for at least five months were also a third less likely to get colds as those who took a placebo.

However, the scientists cautioned that they did not yet know what dose was best, and said some zinc formulations had side effects including nausea, bad taste and diarrhoea.

Because of these problems, they said it was “difficult to make firm recommendations about the dose, formulation and duration that should be used”. In the studies using zinc as a therapeutic medicine, doses ranged from 30 to 160mg per day.


Vitamin C does not work? =Good to note, that multi vitamin tablets work more effectively than Tylenol or aspirin.