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Drug laws gone wrong: Oklohoma mom receives 10 years for $31 pot sale.

by News OK:

On Dec. 31, 2009, Spottedcrow and her mother, 50, sold a “dime bag” of marijuana to a police informant at Starr’s home in Kingfisher, court records state.

Starr handled the transaction and asked her 9-year-old grandson — Spottedcrow’s son — for some dollar bills to make change for the $11 sale.Two weeks later, the same informant returned and bought $20 of marijuana from Spottedcrow.

Grandmother and children of Spottedcrow.

The two women were arrested for drug distribution and because Spottedcrow’s children were in the home, an additional charge of possession of a dangerous substance in the presence of a minor was added.

The women were each offered plea deals of two years in prison. But because neither had prior convictions and the drug amounts were low, they gambled and entered a guilty plea before a judge with no prior sentencing agreement.

Starr received a 30-year suspended sentence with no incarceration, but five years of drug and alcohol assessments. Spottedcrow was sentenced to 10 years in prison for distribution and two years for possession, to run concurrently. She will be up for parole in 2014. In addition, Starr was fined $8,600 and Spottedcrow $2,740.

Spottedcrow was unemployed and without a stable residence when arrested, the report states. The family lost their Oklahoma City home for not paying bills.

When Spottedcrow was taken to jail after her sentencing, she had marijuana in her jacket. She pleaded guilty to that additional charge Jan. 24 and was sentenced to two years in prison and fined nearly $1,300. That sentence also will run concurrent with her other conviction. Spottedcrow has four children — ages 9, 4, 3 and 1 — and is determined to keep her 8-year, common-law marriage intact.

News OK

This is a great example of how bad drug reforms are needed in the U.S.  Spottedcrow’s sold $31 worth of marijuana. She was caught with less than 2 grams on her. As an intellect, I understand this human broke the law, but martians, this punishment does not fit the crime. Oklahoma prosecutors enforce strict sentences since it provides them with federal funding.

But it will cost, on average, $40K a year per inmate or about $400K of tax funds for Spottedcrow’ to carry out her sentence. Money wasted enforcing these abhorred drug laws could be going toward state pension plans. It’s time for change