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Worldwide donations send hundreds of pizzas to Wisconsin union protesters.

By Daily Cardinal:

Callers from 15 countries and almost all 50 states have ordered hundreds of macaroni and cheese pizzas from Ian’s Pizza on State Street to be donated to protesters at the Capitol over the past week. The calls for donations started Wednesday night, and after coverage from the Huffington Post and other news sources it “blew up,” according to assistant manager Jack Thurnblad.

Ian’s has received donations for pizzas from 43 states and countries including Egypt, South Korea and China. I think right now we’ve delivered 500 [pizzas] and we have 575 more to go with phone calls still coming in,” Thurnblad said.

The company is delivering anywhere from 30 to 40 pizzas at a time to protesters at the Capitol, but Thurnblad said Ian’s is not taking sides on the issue of Gov. Scott Walker’s proposed budget repair bill. “We are supporting the people by giving them food, but not making any political statements or cash donations,” Thurnblad said.

From a business perspective, he said, Ian’s is happy and proud to be a medium for the people. “We don’t judge, we don’t really care,” Thurnblad said. “If you want pizza, we’re here for you.”

Daily Cardinal

As the crowds descending upon the Wisconsin capital begin to swell, its nice to see humans from all over the world supporting these union workers. Via Twitter (Top Tweet): 5 states don’t have bargaining rights for teachers and they rank 44, 47, 48, 49 & 50 in ACT/SAT scores. Wis ranked 2nd. #wiunion #WEAC

moon_martians have actually gotten together to buy a pizza (only $20) donation and I hope many more offer to do the same. As m_n stated before, “collective bargaining is not a budget issues.”