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Banksy takes over Los Angeles.

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The British street artist Banksy is back in Los Angeles, just in time to create hype around his Oscar-nominated documentary Exit Through the Gift Shop. This past week, Hollywood has been abuzz with daily reports of new Banksy-claimed street art pieces—at least seven since we last checked.

The work pictured below—titled “Livin’ the Dream”—was created on a traffic-choked corner of Sunset Boulevard, just steps from the Sunset Strip. Using a billboard promoting partying in Las Vegas as its canvas, the piece features Vegasified renditions of Disney’s favorite couple: Mickey and Minnie Mouse.

Photo (cc) by Flickr user Lord Jim


“Livin’ the Dream” was quickly dismantled from its perch by the billboard management company CBS Outdoor, but not by request of the advertiser and Vegas restaurant operator The Light Group. The company reportedly found Banksy’s appropriation of their sign “flattering” and managed to get their hands on the dismantled work. They hope to restore it to its full glory in an even more appropriate home: the Las Vegas Strip. Photo (cc) by Flickr user Lord Jim


Banksy headed west from Hollywood to leave behind the image of a boy soldier shooting a No Parking sign with a crayon gun on an Urban Outfitters near UCLA.

Photo (cc) by Flickr user Lord Jim


Up close with the “Crayola Shooter.” Each bullet is actually a crayon.

Photo (cc) by Flickr user Lord Jim


When rumors surfaced that the property manager of the Urban Outfitters building wanted to remove the latest creation, art fans formed a Facebook group to preserve the work. Still, it’s been difficult keeping the piece in tact. In less than one week, the crayon soldier has already been painted over, tagged, swastika’d, and moustached, and his No Parking target has been stolen.

Photo by AyDiosMio TwitPic


After sharing some art with L.A.’s westside, Banksy returned to Hollywood, creating a pyro version of Charlie Brown.

Photo (cc) by Flickr user Lord Jim


Art thieves (or the abandoned building’s owner?) soon chiseled out Banksy’s Charlie—also known as the “Good Grief Firestarter”—from the wall, and supposedly sold him on Ebay. Employees at the local venue The Comedy Shop tried to intervene by calling the cops. However, according to their blog, the report that “‘Someone is stealing graffiti from an abandoned building’ didn’t quite register with the dispatcher.” It’s possible that the LAPD has more pressing business to attend to.

Photo by KKrump via TwitPic


Some of Banksy’s work remains unscathed so far (if not, please send us updates!). In Beverly Hills, this Banksy pooch pees a lightning bolt stream.

Photo courtesy of Banksy’s website


Just south of downtown Los Angeles, Banksy brought back the crayon aesthetic  to comment on the home foreclosure crisis that’s crippled Southern California. A worker boards up the generic, doodle dream house of a young girl, who looks on sadly.

Photo by Dave McCreary


A Banksy kite flies in Culver City.

Photo courtesy of Banksy’s website


Is that an elephant or a trailer hanging out on the side of the Pacific Coast Highway in Santa Monica?

Photo courtesy of Banksy’s website


Ah, OK. Banksy provides some clarification.

Photo courtesy of Banksy’s website

it’s official, moon_martians love Banksy.