Journalist prank calls Scott Walker as Koch brother

–breaks law discussing strategy against unions and Wisconsin Senate Democrats.

by Mother Jones:

Did Wisconsin Scott Walker break the law during his phone conversation with a prank caller posing as right-wing billionaire David Koch? At least one campaign finance watchdog, the Public Campaign Action Fund, is exploring whether Walker violated a ban against political coordination in Wisconsin.

Part one of Scott Walker audio:

Part two of Scott Walker audio:

Walker believed he was speaking to Koch who—along with his brother, Charles Koch—is among the richest men in the US and major funders of dozens of right-wing groups. The political action committee of Koch Industries, the brothers’ business empire, was a top donor to Walker’s 2010 gubernatorial campaign. In reality, though, Walker was actually speaking with Ian Murphy, a self-described gonzo journalist and editor of the Buffalo Beast. The prank has stirred up a major national controversy, with critics crying foul over Walker’s comments to the faux “David Koch.”

“If Wisconsin law forbids coordination with political donors similar to federal law, Gov. Scott Walker is not just in political trouble, but in legal hot water,” said David Donnelly, national campaigns director for the Public Campaign Action Fund.

The controversy centers around Walker’s budget bill, which would, among other things,eliminate public-sector unions’ right to collectively bargain and allow the state hold no-bid auctions for state-owned energy assets like power plants. For the past nine days, unions and left-leaning groups have been protesting Walker’s bill, demanding that he allow unions to keep their bargaining rights. Walker, however, has refused to negotiate with labor leaders, saying the bargaining provision is crucial to the state’s future fiscal health.

In addition to donating to Walker’s 2010 campaign, the Koch Industries PAC also gave more than a million dollars to the Republican Governors Association, which in turn spent more than $3 million attacking Walker’s 2010 opponent, Democratic Milwaukee mayor Tom Barrett.

Mother Jones


This is VERY DISTURBING as it demonstrates that corporations are now colluding with politicians on policy making.

One commenter, DairyStateDad notes:

The city of Racine, Wisconsin, saw its former mayor lose his office and go to prison because he had online chats with a supposed under-age teenage girl who was in fact an of-age state Department of Justice investigator. So it would seem that that question is already answered.

and another commenter noted:

They ousted Gov. Blagojevich from Illinois for things he said (but never did). There’s no reason Walker should stay in power.

Scott Walker is on a sinking ship to the bottom of the ocean, but the more pressing issue is, there seems to be a division among the rich and the middle class in America and I fear that this is the first wave of scandals to plague the American humans regarding their politicians.