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Murder Balled,  a play by Heather L. Jones.

by Kick Starter:

Blue Scarf Collective is excited to present Murder Ballad, directed by Selena Ambush at the Studio @ 620 in St. Petersburg, Florida, as our first full-length production. We have a terrific cast lined up and we expect to create a show that resonates with the audience and keeps them thinking long after the production.

The Civil War confronted us with more bloodshed and carnage than any other event in American history. Murder Ballad, set in April 1866, exactly a year after the end of the Civil War, examines how such a devastating event can resonate within a community. This play marries the gritty, over-exposed imagery of battle-ravaged Knoxville, TN with the lurid, lyrical visions of its residents. To manifest this vision we will be building and buying period dresses, suits and hats. We need lights, sound effects, pieces of furniture that are both true to time-period and true to mood, and several antique hand props. We will also be building the Tennessee River onstage. It will be beautiful and haunting, but we need your support.

The production runs April 21st – May 1st, 2011. Project location: St Petersburg, FL

Kick Starter

moon_martian crain adds:

We’re over three-quarters of the way there, and if we don’t meet our goal, we’re gonna lose the $1250 we already raised. That’s how KickStarter works.

So please, please, please, donate, and share this link with your friends, families, and co-workers, even if you don’t want to donate. You can pledge as little as a single buck and there’s no fees for debit or credit card use.

These ladies have come up with some really cool prizes for those who patronize our production. Please, don’t hesitate. This is a great opportunity to support the arts on a local level.

If everybody reading this gave a single dollar or two, and everybody they shared it with threw down a buck, we could easily exceed our original goal of $1500. Let’s do something awesome together.

Thank you.

I donated 🙂