New study shows link between birth control, pheremones and libido.

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A recently conducted study in the field of women’s health may help women taking contraception to understand what is happening to them a little bit better. The study findings suggest that in women who are using hormonal contraception the chemical signals they send off to attract mates may be changing and attracting a different type of partner due to the pill usage. The findings also suggest a woman’s own urges may be affected by the use of the contraception.

In a non-contraception using woman, the type of partner she seeks will change throughout the month due to her normal ovulation cycle. This current study showed that when using contraception, women tend to consistently choose more feminine men to partner with and the more masculine men were not avidly attracted to women on the pill. Researchers also have begun to consider that partner choice can genetically affect the health of children produced by the union.

Given the findings of the study, scientists speculates that ceasing birth control usage could also be implicated in marital problems as well. This would be due to a woman’s sexual urges changing from a more feminine partner to a more masculine partner when not on birth control. Many women when questions admitted to having increased urges towards straying with a different partner after ending birth control usage. This news is in no way intended to create fear when it comes to using contraception. However it is always important for people to be educated when making the decision to take any medication. If you feel you are being affected by your hormonal birth control, please consult with your physician about possibilities available to you.


It’s good to see studies illustrating birth control effects on relationships. But the study bears a lot of weight to it. Women on birth control are more likely to be attracted to males they were once unattracted to when not on birth control. 

If birth control changes women’s idea of the perfect mate, then it is important for women and men to be aware of the birth control’s effect when making decisions about starting and ending relationships.