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Stanford hosts Egyptian youth protesters.

by Intercom, edited by martian_mandi:

Egypt is coming to Stanford University. No really, on May 14th, Stanford University will be hosting several Egyptian protesters  talk about their experiences and Egypt’s recovery process.

If you can’t make the panel but would like to leave a message with words of inspiration, advice, or congratulations, call the hotlines brought to you by Intercom, the Emergency Communications, bringing lines to the Middle East and all over the world.

Intercom: This is our message archive – http://inbox.intercom.gs/archive/
  • SKYPE: inbox.intercom.gs
  • Bahrain – +97316199342 (Blocked By Bahraini Authorities)
  • Bahrain – Ask Us for backup numbers
  • USA – (206)279-4895 (Online)
  • USA – (567)2530197 (Online)
  • iNUM – +(883)510001348973 (Online)
  • iNUM – +(883)510001348007 (Online)

Call a line and follow the instructions to reach the conference room. Will try and get Egyptian activists to talk live with telecomix and #emcom affiliates

Cloud to Street is also tracking the progress of the peaceful Middle East movements. Check out the links and
Posts like these make me love humans. Thanks Intercom, Cloud to Street, and CyberGuerrilla for spreading the word.