Scientist develops new and free way to send large files around the Web.

by Physorg:

ZendTo is a free and secure, Web-based system, which will allow users to send large files much faster than by email. The system allows users to send files within and beyond their organisations from their own servers with no size restriction.

Julian Field, who is Postmaster for Electronics and Computer Science at the University, developed ZendTo. He says: “This is completely free and because you run it on your own site, you can be sure that it is completely safe and private and you retain complete control of your data, your system and your users.”

ZendTo is particularly useful for organisations which operate in a customer service environment, since when it sends files, it incorporates customer service ticketing references, so that all the references are kept intact.


Commenter Yogaman noted:

The added-value of this package appears to be the access control and logging, including IP address, as users put and take files on the server you set control. 

Zendto’s claimed speed-up is only 1.5x email, so the previous post probably is correct about an FTP server being faster, but probably not much for large files (which are this product’s reason for existence, let’s not forget).

Email may not have been meant for file transport, but it gets used for file transport, and so email system admins limit attachment size. Thus the need for a product targeted at large file transport.

This could also be great for non-profits and watch dog organizations who rely on emails to do file transfers but are limited because of size.