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Nuclear worries heighten in Nebraska.

by Raw Story:

Two U.S. nuclear electricity facilities, the Fort Calhoun and Cooper nuclear plants in Nebraska, are facing the threat of rising flood waters from the Missouri river.

Though safety regulators insist the plants were designed to withstand flooding and no risk of disaster exists, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has been enforcing a no-fly zone over the Fort Calhoun plant since early this month, even though the plant has been shut down since early April for refueling.

That may be due in part to a reportedly minor fire at the plant which temporarily knocked out pumps that inject cool water into a pool of used nuclear fuel — or it may be due to something else entirely.

The FAA reportedly told “Big Picture” host Thom Hartmann that it was maintaining the aircraft ban for security reasons, and the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission has insisted there was no danger to people in surrounding areas.

Raw Story

It’s scary that the mainstream media has not been reporting this in hopes of averting a panic. But if the public is not aware of the problem, how can it be fixed?

It’s time to do away with nuclear energy and focus more on sustainable projects, for the sake of all creatures living on earth.