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Judas by Lady GaGa

Song meaning from GaGa:

In an interview with Girls Aloud star Nicola Roberts for Britain’s MTV, she says, “I’ve had a lot of ex-boyfriends betray me – a**holes, we all have them… I began to write a song about an ex-lover who betrayed me, who loved heavy metal music. 

“And then I thought about the biblical implications and how Judas was the betrayer. And once I thought about what I wanted to do with the video… Judas didn’t really betray Christ because he was part of the prophecy. So I thought a more liberating way to tackle the message of the song – we attack the idea by saying my ex betrayed me and this person haunts me, but I forgive them.” 

Song meaning from Little Monsters:

The theme of the video is a portrayal of modern-day Jerusalem. Lady Gaga plays Mary Magdalene, leading into the town where Jesus (new boyfriend) is. Beginning with the motorcycle scene, she is happy riding with the Jesus- the man with the crucifix crown (representing good/heaven). Then Judas( the man with black sunglasses/ex boyfriend) comes along and seduces her into the dark/satanic side. As the dancing scene begins, she at first pushes Judas down but he keeps coming towards her. Jesus saves her (the crowd scene) and she follows him. Though from here, she tries to fight temptation and begins sinning by falling for Judas. As she points the lipstick gun towards him ( the irony being that guns are usually dangerous weapons & meant to destroy, but instead only portudes an harmless lipstick), she cannot bring herself to harm him/destroy her love for Judas. As a result, she sinks down in agony from distraught after smearing lipstick on his face. 
The scenes then switch between her standing by the ocean waves & sitting in the tub middle of Jesus [good] & Judas[evil]. She is choosing which side she will serve. Her decision is made as she choose to cling to the leg of Jesus later on-Jesus is my virtue, but Judas is the demon I cling to. She gives herself to the good, and Jesus forgives her. But because she had sinned by giving in to Judas earlier on, she is punished as she stands in her white dress and falls to the ground being stoned to death. This suggests that just because one shows repent or remorse, doesn’t mean their wrong actions won’t result in consequences.

Song meaning from moon_martians: