Humans Going Green Movement

Utah College adopts Solar Ivy towers.

by Earth Techling:

Solar Ivy

This installation is being spearheaded by the university’s student-led Sustainable Campus Initiative Fund, which is funded by student contributions. Each year, students compete for grants from the fund to finance projects that have a positive environmental impact on the campus community and help to educate students, faculty and staff about environmentally friendly habits.

This year, the winning student was Tom Melburn, an environmental studies major, who receives two-thirds of the $42,000 cost of installing a Solar Ivy system from the fund. The remaining monies will come courtesy of a campus community fund drive.

Solar Ivy is composed of small photovoltaic panels shaped so that they hang in nets and resemble living ivy.  These panels generate electricity, which is then made directly available to the building,  offsetting its carbon footprint. The technology was developed by Sustainably Minded Interactive Technology of New York.

 Earth Techling

Congratulations to Utah College for putting sustainability first. Colleges and universities would benefit tremendously from solar ivy given that it would provide their grid with additional electricity (and savings).

Here’s to the future of going green on campuses everywhere!