Going Green Moments

U.S. cuts greenhouse gases despite “do-nothing” Congress. by CNN Money Despite there being no real effort by Congress to address global warming and America’s longstanding reputation as an energy hog, U.S. carbon dioxide… Continue reading


The Best Kaskade Mix (for now) enjoy, Download Bonus: Youtube playlist Tracklist: Kaskade Essential Mix 2011 Tracklist: Kaskade and Adam K – Raining (Intro Mix) [Ultra Records] Kaskade – Eyes [Ultra Records] Tiësto… Continue reading

Legalize it?

Marijuana (the infographic)

Budget For This

Windows 8 Pro upgrade set for $39.99 by CNET Microsoft is trying to make the Windows 8 upgrade more tempting by cutting the upgrade price and throwing in Media Center, too. Those with… Continue reading


20 Things you didn’t know about math (until now). by Discover Magazine 1  The median score for college-bound seniors on the math section of the SAT in 2011 is about 510 out of 800.… Continue reading

Spread the Word.

Workshop weekend: A celebration of creating and learning. by Good.is A pair of MIT-schooled brothers, Gil and J.D. Zamfirescu, have assembled a two day nerdapalooza they’re calling Workshop Weekend.  Attendees to WW this weekend… Continue reading

Food for thought.

‘Self-distancing’ can help people calm aggressive reactions, study finds. by Medical Xpress A new study reveals a simple strategy that people can use to minimize how angry and aggressive they get when they are provoked by others..


Google vs. Facebook   lolololol

Human/Martian Music

Majestic Casual’s Playlist The Notorious B.I.G. – Machine Gun Funk (Woody Remix) by moon_yeneews: Download

beam me up scotty, new music

beam me up scotty, new music new god flow kanye west

Legalize it?

Chicago decriminalizes small possessions of marijuana. by Reuters People caught with small amounts of marijuana in Chicago will be ticketed instead of arrested under a new ordinance passed by the city council on… Continue reading

I like it.

Sorry human ladies, but Anderson Cooper is “just not that into you.” by The Daily Beast’s Andrew Sullivan Last week, Entertainment Weekly ran a story on an emerging trend: gay people in public… Continue reading

  • Greeting Earthlings,

    My name is martian_mandi. I am a moon martian. These observations are findings from my adventures around the world and internet.

    In human terms, my Carbon footprint is 15.18 metric tons. The average human's carbon footprint is 20.82 metric tons. What is yours?

    On behalf of moon martians everywhere, I would like to thank you for hosting Martian #20394710 also known as martian_mandi on your glorious planet Earth.

  • WARNING: Martian teleportation will only occur when the following is uploaded: HLS-FMB-MRTNMLN-DINP-RBBPWNS-BDBTCHS

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