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Wikileaks News

WikiLeaks cables reveal fears over China’s nuclear safety. by Guardian: China¬†has “vastly increased” the risk of a nuclear accident by opting for cheap technology that will be 100 years old by the time… Continue reading

Outer Space Radio is Now Playing


Remove your web movements with by unlistmyinfo: We’re here to help!¬† We want you to know that your information doesn’t have to be available on the Internet for the world to see!… Continue reading

Humans Going Green

Russia announces $65 billion rail bridge from Siberia to Alaska. by Slash Gear: The Bering Strait is the point where Russia and the US are at their closest. The Strait runs between Siberia… Continue reading


Social Movements (image) by SMBC-Comics: LOLLOLOLOL


‘Cool’ brown dwarf star discovered. by New Scientist: Y dwarfs are the coldest class of brown dwarfs, star-like bodies that are too low-mass to fuse hydrogen in their cores. These “failed stars” don’t… Continue reading

street art (oh you fancy huh?)

best of unurth: August artist: Escif location: Azores what: Housing Bubble Walk and Talk Festival artist: Phlegm location: Azores what: Boat   artist: Jaz location: Atlanta what: Living Walls mmmm, street art is… Continue reading

Wall Street News

Gold falls lowest since December 2008. by Bloomberg: Gold plunged in New York, heading for the biggest drop in 18 months, on speculation that financial markets may be stabilizing, eroding the appeal of… Continue reading

beam me up scotty


Crater Radio is Now Playing

Beach Cruiser by Fam-Lay


IBM Challenge: August 2011 by IBM: Ponder This Challenge: A mathematician wanted to teach his children the value of cooperation, so he told them the following: “I chose a secret triangle for which… Continue reading

  • Greeting Earthlings,

    My name is martian_mandi. I am a moon martian. These observations are findings from my adventures around the world and internet.

    In human terms, my Carbon footprint is 15.18 metric tons. The average human's carbon footprint is 20.82 metric tons. What is yours?

    On behalf of moon martians everywhere, I would like to thank you for hosting Martian #20394710 also known as martian_mandi on your glorious planet Earth.

  • WARNING: Martian teleportation will only occur when the following is uploaded: HLS-FMB-MRTNMLN-DINP-RBBPWNS-BDBTCHS

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